The Great Future Behind Us


In 1970, a marketing executive named Jordan Prouty seized an emerging business opportunity.  The burgeoning growth and diversification of New England's electronics industry created the need for a firm of specialists able to provide full-scope sales and marketing services to manufacturers in this volatile, competitive field. Named Northeast Representatives, Mr. Prouty's firm would distinguish itself in several ways:  A portfolio limited to the highest quality companies and

products of their kind, an exceptional level of responsiveness to those manufacturers' needs and their markets' demands, and thoughtful, far-sighted planning carried out intensely.  In short, exceptional service was to be routine.  These commitments, he believed, fostered long-term relationships and steady growth.  This would be a firm with a real, exciting future.


Northeast soon fulfilled that vision, earning a reputation for both effectiveness and professional integrity.  The company expanded, moving to its current Hingham, Massachusetts headquarters in 1980.  By 1984, the organization had experienced an unbroken succession of dramatic increases in annual sales, nearly tripled its home office space and established branch locations in New Hampshire and Connecticut.


Since 1988 under the progressive leadership of Jim Fitch, the pace of achievement has only accelerated.  As a result, Northeast Representatives is regarded as one of the premier independent sales and marketing organizations in New England.  We intend to soon stand at the top alone.


For the future, we have rededicated ourselves to our founding principles.  Comprehensive, expert service ensured by ongoing investment in technology and training.  Mutually productive long-term relationships with both vendors and customers.  And careful planning enacted with good, hard work.


For Northeast and you, they represent success.

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