Every year at Northeast, we make an investment that pays huge dividends.  By pledging a significant portion of our revenues to the most modern information management and communication systems, we ensure our ability to stay ahead of ever-changing market conditions.


For immediate access whenever required, each Northeast Outside Sales Representative has a private fax machine and car phone, along with a notebook or personal computer.  Our fully networked central processor is equipped with complete EDI and e-mail capabilities and is dedicated to order scheduling, tracking and shipping.  Thus, answers are always readily available to our principals, customers and distributors, while a timely, accurate information stream feeds our internal and external marketing activities.  To ensure a continuing competitive edge, we will always strive to exploit the latest in marketing/sales automation in every helpful way.


Another, more traditional business practice is regular attendance at the major electronics trade shows.  There in the striking twenty-foot-long Northeast Representatives exhibit, we showcase our principals' product lines for important, receptive audiences and add to our own understanding of the latest industry trends.




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